Can’t believe what davido just said..

Davido seems to be on a war path with an unidentified member of his camp


Davido seems to be on a war path with an unidentified member of his camp

– The popular musician took to his Snapchat page to rant about this unidentified person

– He also appeared to threaten this person who he has called a fat n***a

From all indications, it seems all is not well in the camp of popular musician Davido as he took to social media to go on a long rant against an unidentified person.

OBO wrote that this unidentified person should watch their mouth because if he is not happy, a lot of people are not happy. He also insinuated that the person was of a large size

5 Best marine colleges in Nigeria

Today, we have compiled a list of the top five (5) maritime schools that offer excellent exposure and training in oceanography and marine technology.

Top Five (5) Maritime Schools In Nigeria

1. Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Maritime Research

This is the prime oceanography school in Nigeria. NIOMR was established in 1975 is located in Victoria Island. Their research departments include aquaculture, biological, oceanography, biotechnology, fisheries resources, product technology, product development, marine geology, marine geophysics, physical as well as chemical oceanography.

They are focused on sustainable exploitation Nigeria’s marine resources by collecting, analyzing and providing scientific data and information for the development utilizationof scientific products.

NIOMR also serves as a home to excursions from students of schools and colleges that offer marine based courses.

2. Maritime Academy

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria is located in Oron, Akwa Ibom. It was established in 1979. They offer ND, HND and PGD in marine meteoreology and oceanography. The average duration of the course is 2 years.

Additionally, they offer other marine based courses. These include nautical science, hydrology, coastal resources management, hydrography and some other engineering courses.

3. Global College of Marine and Technology

Based in Ughelli, Delta State, this is another top school that trains students in marine based courses including oceanography.

They also offer specialized courses that prepare their students for employment in the oil and gas sector.

4. Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology

Federal College of Fisheries and Maritime Technology was established in Victoria Island in 1969. The college was then known as the Federal School of Fisheries. FCF&MT was initially a vocational institute and was initially called the Federal School of Fisheries; however it was later upgraded to a technological institute.

The financing of this college has been supported with funds by the Federal Government of Nigeria as well as the World Bank.

They offer part time and professional programmes in marine and oceanography related courses.

They also offer the national diploma (ND) and higher national diploma (HND) programmes which have an average duration of 2 years.

FSF&MT offer mandatory courses in safety which lasts from 1-5 days depending on the course.

5. Delta School of Marine Technology

The Delta School of Marine Technology was established in 2006 and it aims to become a world class maritime academy.

At DSMT, they don’t just offer oceanography and other marine based courses. They offer courses in business, engineering, industrial safety, and environmental management technology.

Prior to being admitted, candidates are expected have credit passes in the following subjects. These include mathematics, english, biology, physics and agricultural science. These should have obtained in not more than two sittings. After meeting these requirements, an aptitude test is conducted after which successful candidates are then admitted.

The degree awarded at the end of your programme is a National Diploma and the usual course duration is two years. Afterwards you can proceed to attain the higher national diploma (HND), however, not all courses offer the HND degree

Generally, the programmes offered in this school are tailored to produce creative and innovative individuals.

DSMT also offer professional courses like fisheries, boat driving, ship management and engine maintenance. These courses have a short duration between 3 – 9 months

They provide high quality research work and offer consultancy services for maritime and allied industry.

Overall, this college has attracted top professionals (both local and foreign) from the oceanography and marine industries and this has stimulated development in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


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